My name is Emma Hollings and I love people. I love capturing moments in time creating a lifetime of memories. 


I have always been passionate about photography I studied it for A Level. I won an award in the National competition, Landscape Photographer of the Year. I met Charlie Waite (Landscape Photographer) and Celia Imirie (Actress). 


From this I went onto work in London with a Jewish Wedding and Event photographer. We photographed Prince Charles, Simon Cowell, David Cameron and many more. At venues including The Dorchester, Mandarin Oriental, The first wedding at The Shard. It was an incredible year an I learnt the majority of my photography skills there. 


A Year later, I worked for a studio company. It was a fantastic couple of years, I grew a love for working with Children and Families to capture the moments they will treasure forever. My job is more than just taking great photographs. It is capturing the families moments they share; for them to look back on in days, months and years remembering all the fun they had. I worked in Management and Training which grew my understanding to running a business. 


Emma Hollings Photography launched full time in July 2017. Wow what an amazing few years it’s been. I love working with people to capture images powerful for websites, social media, print. I also love hearing how much everyone adores their photographs. The thank you’s I get from grateful clients. 


Photography is so much more than being able to take fantastic photographs. It’s about the experience shared between myself and my clients in any shoot we do. We have so much fun, share great stories, get to know one another. No one feels awkward in-front of the camera. I pose with you.