The Magic Selfie Mirror

Why hire a Magic Mirror?

A magic selfie mirror is way for not only you but all of your guests to get instant memories made for them in the form of a photograph. It takes the picture then prints it out immediately. The borders that go around the photo can be fully personalised to your wedding and/or event. At the end of the night you will have so many print outs with all your friends and family to remember this magic day and see what other people got up to.

Choose to add a guestbook. Your party loving, dress up guru’s and mirror hogging guests will get their photo taken all the same, although they can get two or more printed. What to do with that spare one? It goes right into the guestbook with the guest leaving you a handwritten message along side it. Get everyone to put one in you have the memories of everyone at your wedding in your guest book, and some very funny photos!

The mirror doesn’t stop there, enable the video mode so people can leave spoken messages to you, or they could sing to you, they could even do a dance for you. You would be able to get all of these videos and see what the highlights were for everyone else. 

So when you sit down ten years from now you can go through your guestbook see the joy on peoples faces as they stood in front of the Magic Self Mirror. Then go over to your printouts that you took, while reviewing all the video messages people left for you. Those memories are yours.





WOW your guests with this sleek looking Photo Booth. The Magic Mirror is fully interactive with animations and sounds. With hundreds of different animations to choose from you will really have a great time entertaining your guests. Set your guests a screaming challenge match or a smiling challenge. 

All our packages include the following: 

  • Full length interactive touch screen mirror
  • You get full use of all the props
  • Your guests can go to the mirror as often as they like
  • Instant prints on the night
  • Let your guests leave messages for you
  • Personalise your prints and animations
  • Write your own messages on the prints
  • Add emojis to any photo
  • You will have a team member on site for support and to encourage your guests to have fun
  • Your photos are stored in a memory card and uploaded online to a secure gallery for you to view and download and enjoy the hilarious photographs

Choose to add a guestbook and receive two prints per photograph, one for your guests and one for your guestbook, a great way to recap on your fun party!

4 Hours 

Receive all the above plus up to UNLIMITED prints. Your guests can visit the mirror as often as they like and receive a print every time!

3 Hours - Our Most Popular Package

Receive all the above plus up to 300 prints. Your guests can visit the mirror as often as they like and receive a print every time!

2 Hours 

Receive all the above plus up to 200 prints. Your guests can visit the mirror as often as they like and receive a print every time!

£447 £379 £297


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